January 02, 2012

Throw an Engagement Party

Are you one of the lucky ones to get engaged this holiday season? What better way to announce it to the world than to throw an engagement party?

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WARNING: This party should not be as big or as fabulous as your wedding.

Rule #1: Keep it simple so you can enjoy the party. That doesn't mean plain, boring, or blah.

Rule #2: As I always say: DIY means Do It Yourself, not Do It BY Yourself. Get your friends and/or family to help you. Delegate duties to those willing to help so you don't get overwhelmed.

Rule #3: If someone else is throwing the party for you, COMMUNICATE with them to make sure they understand your personal styles and tastes.

Rule #4: Limit the guest list to your closest family and friends... the people who are definitely going to be invited to or be a part of the wedding. Use this opportunity to introduce both sets of parents, if they don't already know each other.

Rule #5: Be prepared to tell the story of how he proposed. You may want to practice if you are shy. You'll probably have to tell it over and over as more people learn of your engagement.

Bonus Rule: Wear something that makes you feel amazing and get a fresh manicure. You and your left hand will be the center of attention.