December 29, 2011

Lighting Trends for 2012

Guest blogger, Jason Weldon, Synergetic Sound & Lighting, Inc.

The beauty with lighting is that we can set the trend with each event we do. We are always trying to do something a little different from the last event we did. So we are always looking to set the new trend or come up with a hot new way to light an area. Many of the changes happen in the technology we use. And the technology in L.E.D. lighting is getting really good; however the cost of the fixtures is still pretty high. So 2012 will see more and more of the higher end events using more and more of the newest L.E.D. fixtures.

Whenever we talk about lighting trends, color is always the first thing that has to be brought up. For 2012, Tangerine Tango is the color to have! You are going to see this in up lighting, gobo projections and area lighting. Compliment that with a gold or purple and the room will just look brilliant.

Digital lighting is a trend that will be brought into more proposals that we put together for 2012. Instead of using the traditional lighting fixtures, projectors are used to create endless possibilities on the dance floor, walls or even the outside of a building. Digital light is still rather expensive, so the trick for us is to find a way to make it affordable, but still give the effect we are looking for.

And I say this every year, but I think 2012 will be another big year for Intelligent lighting. We did more Intelligent lighting events last year than any year previous and I think more and more clients see how much it adds to the design and feel of a room. It also helps that our clients and prospects can come in and get a demonstration of what it looks like, this way they are educated and can “see” exactly what it is.

Set design is going to be big this year as well. Draped out sweet heart tables, trussing around the dance floor, cabanas set up for lounge areas: these will all start to come into play to jazz up a room physically and allow us the chance to light them properly to show off the client’s personality. After all, that is the end result, to make the party a reflection of you!

We also started to see a push in monogram sales towards the end of last year and I think it may last for most of 2012. But not just the typical initials next to each other with the date underneath. I am talking about custom designed monograms that are truly breathtaking. We are getting monogram designs from more calligraphy artists than ever before and we love it!

And last but not least, sometimes it is the simple things that look the best. We love the look of the old style, Italian string lights and we think this is something that can be incorporated in many of the events we design. The look of these lights is different, but traditional enough that it brings a feel to the room that typical up lighting or dance floor lighting just can’t do. We have been showing this off in our DreamSpace (our lighting demo area) for months now and clients have been really excited about it.

2012 is going to allow us to get very creative with lighting and we are excited about our DreamSpace to show it all off in! We look forward to working with our trusted partners like Always Fabulous Events and hope that you will come over to our offices with Randi to design your wedding!

All photos courtesy of Synergetic Sound & Lighting.