January 06, 2012

Wedding Cake Design Trends for 2012

Guest blogger, Rafael Logrono

...couture continues...
In 2011, there was a huge increase in fashion inspired wedding cakes; let it be lace, drapes or brooches, this popular trend will continue in 2012. Brides love to see the embroidery and fabric designs of their gowns, transformed into a confectionary work of art on to their wedding cakes.

...blissfully bold bows...
Dressing a cake with bows hand crafted out of sugar, not only makes a dramatic statement, but the elegant look is a much more affordable alternative to a sugar flower studded wedding cake. Bows have been a part of weddings for a long time; seen in chair coverings and on the bride's gown, the dainty embellishment will be seen more often on wedding cakes in 2012.

...tall confections...
A trend that has been highly popular in 2011 will continue to grace the weddings of hundreds of couples in 2012. Tall wedding cakes are show stopping! Bakers can use one or two tiers of styrofoam pieces and decorate them for a grand 5 tier wedding cake. The trend of tall wedding cakes also includes tiers of varying heights. Much more attention is brought to a wedding cake with tiers ranging in heights.

...white canvas and black elements...
White and lackluster wedding cakes are so 1990's; this year, the color white will serve as a clean canvas for cake designers to portray color filled designs, let it be hand painting, sugar flowers or embroidery. Black at a wedding? Yes! Splashes of the color black are very edgy and avant garde and set apart any wedding cake from the rest.

Remember, your wedding cake is the one dessert you'll always remember for the rest of your life, so choose the right baker to make it a memorable one!

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All photos courtesy of Rafael Logrono