June 05, 2011

Why is she a "Bridezilla"?

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Do you know a bride-to-be who is bugging out and losing her ever-loving mind?

Have you tried to figure out why she has suddenly become a "BRIDEZILLA"?

Let's get this out of the way right now. Weddings are a BIG DEAL. They can be stressful and emotional before they become blissful and beautiful.

Most of the time, brides turn into ugly beasts just before their wedding because they don't have a strong support system. Brides choose their close friends and family to be in their wedding because they expect these people to have their backs.

If you are a bridesmaid or honor attendant, then you need to be there to help the bride with all of the errands and tasks associated with your participation in the wedding. That means tying bows on 100 favor boxes as well as planning the bridal shower.

(Note to the bride: Do-it-yourself does not mean do it BY yourself. Ask for help.)

Don't give the bride grief about your dress or your shoes... guess who's worried about her own dress and shoes right now.

Don't complain to her about how the other girls in the wedding party aren't doing their part. Trust me when I tell you, she already knows. Your whining isn't helping. Instead, have a big girl conversation with the other bridesmaids about it (no yelling, no cursing, no punching, no biting).

Do call the bride every now and then just to ask how she's doing and to see if she needs help with anything. Maybe you can take her out to do something unrelated to wedding planning to give her a much-deserved break. She'll really appreciate it.

Last note... if the bride has hired a wedding planner/consultant, do not ask the bride what the planner is getting paid to do. The bride may not have paid for the planner to do everything... and she doesn't have to explain that to you.

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