September 05, 2011

Wedding Ceremony Music

It is very important for you to know when to play what type of music during your ceremony.

Here's a little guide to help you get started with your musical selections.

Prelude - This is played while the guests are being seated before the ceremony begins. This is usually a classical or jazz instrumental medley to set the tone. Aim for 5 - 6 songs.

Processional - This is played while important guests (such as parents & grandparents) are seated and the bridal party makes their entrance. Depending on your personal preference and size of the wedding party, you may play a different song for the bridal party entrance.

Bride's Entrance - This song should be different from the previous processional music. You want this song to announce the bride.

Interlude - These songs are played during special moments of the ceremony, such as lighting a unity candle.

Recessional - This is played after the bride & groom have been presented as husband & wife. This is usually an upbeat celebratory song.

Postlude - This is played while the guests exit the ceremony. It is also upbeat.

This week, I will share some of my favorite wedding music with you.