August 16, 2011

Reunion Planning

If you have ever served on a reunion planning committee (family, high school, sorority, etc.), then you know it is a long-term commitment. You might start out with a large committee and end up with a handful of truly dedicated members doing it all. 

Having a committee is essential because there is too much for one person to do alone. Just to name a few:
  • Finding classmates (not everyone is on Facebook)
  • Selecting a venue & menu
  • Collecting payments
I have served on the planning committee for my last 2 high school reunions (for obvious reasons). Planning the first one taught me a lot about what not to do this time around. 

The first lesson: DELEGATE. Let other people do some of the work. Plan to have regular update meetings to hold each other accountable for necessary tasks and stick to a timeline. 

The second lesson: Do not invest your personal funds if you are not sure you will get it back. Overestimating the number of guests who will attend can surely kill your budget. It is best to estimate low so you have room to add on extras (like professional photography and decor) later. 

Our 20-year reunion was held on July 30th at Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue. The staff was awesome and the ballroom was gorgeous. We selected this venue because it was the site of our Jr. Prom. (Nostalgia is always a big hit for reunions.)

Looking forward to planning the next one. Muchos Smooches!