November 05, 2010

Short Wedding Hair

Everyone who has ever seen me on more than one occasion knows that I am never content with one hairstyle for very long. For example, in February 2009, I had a long and wavy ponytail that I loved to whip back and forth. The following month, I went boy short. *gasp* Right now, I am sporting a short assymetrical bob which is jaw-length on the right and barely skims my ear on the left. This morning, I started playing around with hair accessories.

One day, while I was messing in my hair, I started thinking about brides who share my "it's only hair" attitude. These are the girls who love changing the color, length, and texture of their hair whenever the mood hits them. Not every bride wants to let their hair grow out or get extensions for their big day. Here are a few short styles and/or hair accessories I have seen and absolutely adore.

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What do you think? Do you prefer long or short bridal hair? Feel free to comment below.

Have a FABULOUS day!