August 14, 2010

Ask the Wedding Planner: Cake & Punch

Hi Randi

My cousin is getting married... they want to get married in a church and have only certain people be invited to an intimate dinner for the reception. so my question is how do you word the invitations to let people know that there is no reception?

Also do you think it is tacky to have a card box at the church for people that come to the wedding and want to give a card?

Thanks Randi for your input.


I would definitely advise against having a card box at the church if there is no reception at all.

Your cousin can do a cocktail hour (or cake and punch) at the church and then go to dinner after? This will eliminate the awkwardness of having no reception.

If she is doing cake & punch at the church, then the invitation can say "Cake and punch reception immediately following ceremony".

She can then add a reception card and a different RSVP card to the invitations for the intimate dinner. She may want to include a note to let them know that this is an exclusive dinner invitation so the people invited don't start asking others if they are going.

I hope this is helpful. I'd love to hear how it all turns out.

Have a FABULOUS day!