December 16, 2008

Weddings @

I love the convenience of online shopping because I do not have a lot of time to go from store to store in search of something I want (or need... but mostly want). Many years ago, I found and really liked their designer bargains.

Recently, introduced their wedding shop. Whether you are in the wedding or an invited guest, you should have no problem finding the perfect outfit and accessories. You can shop by size, by color, by designer, or by price. To add to the convenience, you can also buy a gift for the happy couple while you are there.

So I clicked on "I'm in the Wedding" and began searching for a red dress in my size (don't even ask). When I selected the color and size, the site narrowed my choices for designers and price range. At the same time, it showed me 6 dress choices. I chose this Vera Wang for less than $150 and these gold shoes for almost 3 times the cost of the dress. Just the way I like it.