December 22, 2008

I Went To Heaven

What better way is there to celebrate a birthday than to spend the day at the spa (even if it isn't yours)? I am so glad to have friends who share my love for day spas. My favorite local day spa is Heaven Spa in Jenkintown (suburban Philadelphia) so when Mattie asked me... correction, she told me to save the date, I said "Heck Yeah!" and ran to mark it on the calendar.

During my facial, I received a great tip: Use rose water as a toner after cleansing. It will balance my combination skin and return it to its natural acidity. I will pick up a bottle ASAP.

Another thing I learned... Sea Buckthorn oil is beneficial for your skin but it stinks like chocolate and beef boullion. Trust me when I tell you that is not a pleasant aroma.

BRIDAL TIP: Heaven Spa has been voted the #1 Bachelorette Party spot.

We had a FABULOUS day in Heaven. I can't wait to go back again.