September 11, 2008

Rainy Day Advice

As promised, here is the story Tabitha shared with me.

"... the best advice I can give if you are having an outdoor wedding is to think logically and act smartly. I say this because early this summer, a site manager and I were chatting about the possibility of it raining at my client's event and were discussing our backup plan of how we would set things up inside for the ceremony in the event it rained. The site manager mentioned to me that the couple who married there the previous weekend had their ceremony indoors, but wanted the reception outdoors poolside. She said, they called the bride the day-of and said, it is going to rain today and asked if the bride wanted to go ahead and set everything up inside. The bride said, no and that they would proceed as planned and hope the rain would spare them. Well closer to the time, the site manager contacted their client again and told her the storm was not far from them. The site manager told me that the dark clouds were literally approaching the area. The bride again said to proceed as normal.

To make a long story short, that couple exchanged vows inside the facility, and then made their way outside to the reception that was setup to take place poolside. Sure enough, it rained and rained no sooner than everyone got seated. The site manager and their crew had to quickly transport things to another location onsite. The linens were soaked, the food stations had to be broken down and set back up, and so forth.

So, my advice is that if the meteorologists say, there is a 60% chance of rain and if you can see the storm with your naked eye, then you can bet it will rain. Always have a backup plan and don't inconvenience your guests hoping for the best. Be considerate...who wants to be in wedding attire soaking wet from the rain. This is one sure way to guarantee guests will depart your event early."

Hugs and Kisses to Tabitha for sharing this story and her wisdom. Check out her blog for more tips from Elite Bridal Concierge.