July 31, 2008

Kids Party: Hawaiian Luau

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My friend has had a luau-themed pool party for her daughter's birthday for the past several years. When she heard that I was planning a Polynesian-themed wedding reception, she asked what she can do to make her party a little different from last year or the years before.

Here are a few ideas anyone can use:

  1. Greet each guest with a lei and a kiss... just like they do in Hawaii.
  2. Most kids like to do an arts & crafts project that they can take home. This doubles as a party favor. Let the kids make a "tiki statue" by decorating an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll.
  3. Buy some hula skirts for a hula dance contest. Be sure to give prizes to the top winners. OR
  4. Hire someone to give your guests a hula lesson.
  5. Limbo (my friend already does this one)
  6. Bake palm tree-shaped cookies.


  1. Tiki torches
  2. Hang an "Aloha" sign at the entrance
  3. Floating flowers in the pool or in a big glass bowl
  4. Pineapples and coconuts all around the dining areas
  5. Tealights or votive candles surrounded by seashells and flowers
  6. Hang paper lanterns
  7. Every child's birthday party should have balloons!

Since my friend throws this type of party every year, she could invest in some items that she can use over and over, like plastic coconut cups.

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