May 27, 2008

A Beautiful Walk Down the Aisle... Runners

For a recent wedding, the bride wanted more than the usual white aisle runner that everyone has seen before. She wanted a chocolate brown runner, preferably bearing a monogram and her wedding date.

In our search, we came across these 2 FABULOUS companies:

Designing the Aisle offers a high-quality fabric available in white or ivory. They will handpaint anything you want onto the aisle runner.

Fairy Tale Runners offers a high-quality canvas in about 20 colors. They also have a wonderful selection of personalization options.

Fairytale Runners provides the following tips:
~ Keep your product in it's original packing, rolled up on the cardboard core until the wedding date. Keep at room temperature and in a dry space.
~ We recommend that your runner, banner or flag is laid out flat down your wedding aisle at least 2 hours prior to your ceremony. This will allow time for your product to adjust to the temperature in the room and relax completely.
~ If possible, rope off the center aisle so that your guest do not walk on your runner.
~ To spot clean your product, simple take a slightly damp cloth to gently wipe off any smudges or dirt.

Designing the Aisle adds this advice:
At the ceremony: Use two-sided tape or white/ivory duct tape to hold the top edge of the runner in place. Then, have your groomsmen gently pull the cording and allow the runner to unroll slowly as it's being pulled.
Another option: Fully extend the aisle runner before your guests arrive. This allows time for the aisle runner to be decorated with petals, flowers, leaves, sea shells, etc. Drape ribbon attached to the last row of pews or chairs across the aisle to encourage your guests not to walk on your runner. Have your groomsmen escort your guests by the side aisles.
After the ceremony: Wipe off the runner with a damp cloth, cut out the printed area, hang on a decorative rod or have it framed for hanging. For runners that are plain (not personalized with paint), use it in future family weddings. The runner can be dry cleaned by most methods.