August 03, 2012

Wedding Programs

One of the most frequent questions brides ask me is:
Do we need wedding programs?

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My answer is that the choice is yours. If your wedding ceremony includes special traditions, customs, or personalized elements, then you should use a wedding program to explain what they mean. If your ceremony is going to be very short, sweet, and basic, then you might not need a program.

For those of you who will have one, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you design your wedding program:

  • Ceremony traditions in the order they will occur. (Be sure to review this with the officiant before it goes to print.)
  • Title of readings and name of the reader (If there is room on the program, you may include the actual poem or scripture.)
  • Title of musical selections and name of singers/musicians
  • Names of members of the wedding party (Their relationship to the bride/groom may be added)
  • Memorial: Names or photos of important people who are now deceased. 
  • Explanations of personalized elements, such as unity candle, unity sand, jumping the broom, etc. 
  • Provide directions from ceremony to reception. CAUTION: Only do this if everyone at the ceremony will be invited to the reception. 

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Do not allow this to be a last minute decision. Plan what it will say and how it will look at least 2 months before your wedding day.

Happy Planning!