June 26, 2012

Planning a Wedding in 6 Months or Less?


You need a wedding planner to help you get everything done in 1/2 the time it takes the average bride to plan a wedding.

I do a lot of networking with other wedding professionals, which gives me an advantage over the bride who is going it alone. I can make a few calls to get you a list of the professionals and venues who are still available for your date.

I can take it a step further to save you time and money by only connecting you to those professionals that are within your budget. You don't have time to waste having conversations with anyone you can't afford to hire... and quite frankly, they don't want you to waste their time either. 

AND I can help you with all of the things you can't do while you are at work or in school.

Ready to talk? Meet me for coffee or a cocktail (my treat) to talk about everything you are trying to get done. Visit our website to set a date & time.