June 16, 2012

Destination Wedding Tips

A destination wedding is one which takes place outside of the area where you live. It does not require international travel or passports. It could be as close as a 2 hours drive or as far as the other side of the world. The possibilities are plenty. 
But this post is not about where to travel for your wedding. We thought of, and researched, some of the things you probably never considered when planning a destination wedding.

  1. Travel to your destination ahead of time to meet with your hired professionals so you know what you are getting OR
  2. Have a local wedding planner handle the details and the planner can meet with the professionals on your behalf. 
  3. Take your photographer with you. This will make it easier for you to communicate with them after the wedding to select, order, and receive your photos. 
  4. Purchase items to personalize your wedding and ship them in advance. 
  5. Have a travel agent lock in the rates for you as far ahead of time as possible. This will allow you to inform your guests of the travel details and give them time to pay. 
  6. Pack an extra pair of wedding day shoes. One should be more comfortable than the other. 
  7. When you arrive at your destination, do some last minute shopping to fill welcome bags with local goodies. (This is something your wedding planner can do for you.)
BONUS: Write a welcome letter for your guests to thank them for traveling to celebrate your special day. Include a map of the area and an itinerary so they know when they need to be with you and when they have free time to explore. 

Happy Travels & Muchos Smooches