April 06, 2012

Field of Dreams

Photo from Real Simple

As a little girl, you ran through the field behind your grandmother's country home. You picked flowers there and chased bunnies. You may have even climbed a tree. As a teenager, you sat under that tree, read romantic novels, and daydreamed about falling in love and getting married in Grandmom's field.

Now that you are an adult and have found the love of your life, you want to make your dream a reality. But there are a lot of details that need to be considered in order to pull this off.

I'm pretty sure Grandmom's field doesn't come with tables, chairs, or even electricity. You have to rent EVERYTHING!

  • Start with a budget (How much money can you afford to spend for your wedding?)
  • Determine how many people you are going to invite
  • Then look for an off-premise caterer. You will need to know what they can provide and what they will need for you to provide. For example, they may need you to provide a separate tent to cook under. They may be able to provide all serveware, flatware, and glassware. 
  • Contact a tent company to reserve all of the tents you need. They will want to know some of the details about your wedding like the number of guests, if you are having a dance floor, and if you are having a live band or DJ. 
  • Contact a party rental company to get tables, chairs, linens, and any of the necessary items your caterer and tenting company may not provide. 
  • You will also need electric power generators and restroom facilities. 
And then you can plan all of the usual suspects: flowers, entertainment, invitations, transportation, etc. 

Happy Planning & Muchos Smooches