October 18, 2011

Tweet My Wedding

Social media has played a huge role in most of our lives. So much that we all have allowed our followers into our personal lives even if we never met them in person. With this in mind, why should planning your wedding be any different? 

"We are  meeting with our wedding planner @alwaysfab today."

"After visiting 5 venues, I think we finally found the perfect place for our reception."

"I hope #myfuturehusband is not having TOO much fun at his bachelor party. lol" 

In my opinion, I think you should tweet, blog, or share your wedding plans with your Facebook friends. It helps you share your joy and excitement (and possibly your stress and indecision). You can post pictures of your style inspiration. You can post requests for recommendations about who to hire and where to shop. 

Beware of opening yourself up for harsh criticism and unkind opinions... but have fun with it. 

If you are really dedicated to giving your followers live updates on your wedding day, then let someone else post on your behalf. For example, they can include pics of your 1st dance along with the name of the song and other comments about it. The designated person should not be your wedding planner. We have far too much to do on your wedding day to take time out to tweet. 

However you decide to embrace social media, just be sincere and real. The rest will fall into place. 

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Have a FABULOUS day!