April 25, 2011

High End Baby Shower Without the High End Price Tag

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Hosting a fabulous baby shower does not have to cost you an arm, leg, and firstborn child. Its as simple as keeping it small with high end elements. 

~ Before you do anything else... Decide how much you want to spend  on the total event.
Your party budget is your road map to avoid overspending. 

~ Give yourself at least 3 months to plan so you aren't rushed into impulse buys.

~ Keep the guest list small. This will allow you to have enough spending money for finer food, invitations, decorations,  and favors. 

~ Choose a location that matches your budget, your style, and your estimated guest count. 
You don't want a large venue to look empty with a small group... and you don't want to cram a lot of people into a tiny space either.

~ Don't serve a full meal. You can serve hot + cold hors d'oeuvres, a signature drink with a cute name, and a beautiful cake (or cupcakes). 
The high-end look comes from your display. Finger sandwiches on a tiered stand will look more upscale than serving them on a dinner plate. 

(Another classic baby shower option - Afternoon Tea)

~ Plastic table covers, paper plates, and paper cups are an absolute no no. They actually take away from the expensive look you are trying to create.

~ Send printed invitations - not handwritten. 
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~ Decorate with floral arrangements. A few arrangements throughout the party space will add a touch of elegance.

~ Hire a live musician. You can pay a college music major a small fee to play an instrument during the party.