March 17, 2011

Say Yes to the DC Cupcakes Dress?

Photo courtesy of TLC

This Friday night (March 18) @ 10PM ET, TLC’s DC Cupcakes sisters Sophie and Katherine will push themselves to the limit to create a cupcake wedding dress for DC Fashion Week. There is always a twist, and this week the dynamic duo learns their dress not only has to look chic, but walk chic, and down the runway on a model no less.  Have the girls bitten off more than they can chew?

Sophie and Katherine risked their life savings and traded high-powered careers in fashion and finance to pursue their passion for baking and their lifelong dream of opening a bakery. Armed with their grandmother's recipes and strong family support, the sisters opened Georgetown Cupcake on Valentine's Day 2008. To their surprise, the shop became an overnight sensation and now sells more than 5,000 cupcakes a day.