August 04, 2010

Cake & Pictures

Photo by Shea Roggio

Cake and Pictures is an exclusive directory of wedding photographers designed to connect discerning brides with the most talented wedding photographers in the business. The company, based just outside of Philadelphia, is the by-product of the hugely successful Wonderful Machine, a web-marketing portal for commercial photographers.

Unlike other websites, Cake and Pictures presents only a limited number of photographers in each location, allowing the work of all of its members to stand out and making it easy for brides to find what they are looking for. The Cake and Pictures web interface is simple and intuitive, so brides can browse photographers from around the world quickly and without the distraction of banner ads or pop-up windows. Cake and Pictures hand-selects the photographers that appear on the site specifically to appeal to brides for whom photography is a priority.

Cake and Pictures is the new, one-stop shop for high-end wedding photography – baked goods not included. All Cake and Pictures photographers handle their own scheduling and pricing and can be contacted directly for rates and availability.
For more information, please contact Jean Murin at (610) 260-0234 or