May 12, 2010

DIY Wedding Workshop: A Few Seats Left

There are a few seats left in our DIY Wedding Workshop next month. If you are looking for ways to personalize your wedding or save a couple of dollars on your wedding, then this workshop is definitely for you.

Before you decide to Do It Yourself, ask yourself these questions:
1. Have I ever crafted before and enjoy it as a hobby?
2. What is most important to me? If it is saving money, how can I get the most bang for my buck without creating a headache?
3. How much money will I save? Is it worth the time I will spend?
4. Am I being pressured to do this all myself?Do I see myself enjoying this experience?

Still want to do your own wedding projects, then come to our workshop on June 5. To make it more fun, bring your mom or your best friend.