April 14, 2010

Sweet 16 Masquerade Party

>Photo from Control Your Destiny

If done right, a masquerade party can be mysterious and exciting.

Carry your party theme through to your invitation.

Clearly state the dress code on the invitation to make sure everyone understands the formality of the event. Let the guests show off their creativity with their costumes or simply provide a variety of masks for the guests to choose from when they arrive. (Note: Decorating masks may be a fun DIY project for the guest-of-honor and her besties a day or 2 before the party.)

Keep the decorations under control so it doesn't end up looking too much like a Halloween party. A black and silver color palette works well for the masquerade theme. Add a splash of color with a jewel-toned accent like amethyst (purple), garnet (red), or emerald (green). A little glitter helps to create a less childish ambience without being too adult.

Centerpieces can be made with masks, feathers, and/or candles.

Venues to consider include banquet halls, hotel ballrooms, country clubs, or historical mansions.

Serve finger foods so you don't take any time away from the fun. Serve a variety of non-alcoholic beverages like soda, punch, and "mocktails".

The birthday cake can also mimic the masquerade theme either by topping the cake with a mask and feathers or by sculpting the cake into the shape of a mask. And... you can never go wrong with a chocolate fountain.