February 10, 2010

How to Choose your Wedding Colors

Photo: Pantone

If you are overwhelmed by all of the fabulous color options available, then give yourself a moment to consider these tips:

1. What is your favorite color?
Keep the Crayola 64 selections in mind.

2. What do your ceremony and reception venues look like?
Consider the dominant colors in the venue before choosing your color scheme. If the carpet is cranberry red and the walls are gold, then purple and lime green might not work very well.

3. Do you have a specific flower in mind?
If so, play off of the natural colors this flower comes in.

4. What is the season?
Spring: Pastels
Summer: Brights
Fall: Warm colors, jewel tones
Winter: Icy blues and metallics

5. Consider to mood you are going for.
Gold + Chocolate = Warm & Intimate
Lt. Pink + Black or Turquoise + Gray = Modern or Trendy
Green and/or Purple = make the space appear Large & Airy

6. Balance - One of your 2 shades should dominate the decor. The other should be used as an accent.

7. Tone - You don't need to use the brightest shade of both colors.

For more color cues, check out these websites:

(inspired by Color School)