December 03, 2009

2010 Trend #6: Greener Weddings

It's not about making your wedding appear organic.

It is about making eco-friendly choices that your guests probably won't notice.

It is about choosing a caterer who uses locally-grown foods free of pesticides and preservatives.

It is about understanding how things are made, used, and disposed of.

Some ideas:
  • Wear a dress made of natural fabrics like cotton or silk.

  • Use mineral makeup. Conventional makeup contains potentially toxic chemicals that are introduced to your skin and into our water supply when washed off.

  • Tree-free invitations. They are made of cotton.

  • Replace traditional favors with a charitable donation or plant a tree on behalf of your guests. Check out services like Tree Instead

  • Donate your wedding flowers to a retirement home or local hospital.

  • Donate leftovers from your wedding reception. This may require a little research because most food banks will only accept nonperishables.