November 07, 2009

How to Have a "Platinum Baby" Shower

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, than you already know that I was up late last night watching the new show on WE called Platinum Babies. If you think Platinum Weddings is extravagant, then one episode of this show will push you over the top.

Natalie Klien, baby planner @ Hot Moms Club, shares a few tips on how to "Create Your Own Star Shower". Some of the highlights include (with my 2 cents added in italics):
  • Tell your friends that you want to help plan your shower. After all, who knows what you want better than you.

  • Help your guests feel like celebs. Roll out a red carpet (literally) and appoint a friend to take lots of photos of the guests as they arrive. Treat your friends to a spa suite (it can be as simple as hand treatments and nail polish or as extravagant as body shaping treatments).

  • Register like a movie star. has a wide price range for every guest's budget.

  • Bite-size food and fruity drinks. Serve signature non-alcoholic drinks like a Preggatini (TM). These are all the rage in Hollywood and you can spike them for the guests. Serve mini foods like sliders and cupcakes.

  • Send them home with swag. A swag bag is not your usual party favor but you don't have to spend your life savings on them either. For a budget-friendly swag bag that your guests will still love, include pregnancy-safe nail polish by Zoya, ChicBuds earphones, and Boogie Wipes in an eco-friendly reusable bag (like the Ecologie Bag from Olive Barn).

Another important detail to nail down early in the planning process is the location. Make sure it matches your vision for the rest of the party and the time of year. Also make sure there is ample parking available for your guests.

Platinum Babies airs on Fridays @ 9pm ET.