July 21, 2009

Take Me Away Tuesday: Private Island Resort

Last week, I mentioned the exclusivity of a private yacht. The only thing I can think of that would be more secluded is a private island resort.

My mother-in-law is a native of St. Vincent (an island in the Caribbean). So when I heard about Petit St. Vincent, I thought of her (and then I thought of Mr. Rourke on Fantasy Island). You can book a cottage for a week at this island resort for less than $700 per night. If you want anything, it will be delivered by a server on a golf cart. If you get hungry while you are chilling on the beach in a hammock, you can have lunch delivered to you right there on the beach. You can also choose where to have dinner: on top of a hill, on the edge of the sea, or in your cottage.

For a less expensive option, travel to Young Island where cottages start at $450 per night, which includes breakfast and dinner.