June 21, 2009

What is an Intimate Wedding?

An intimate wedding is one with 75 guests or less. It is usually less formal and more relaxed than a big wedding. Most often, intimate weddings take place in venues like lofts, restaurants, historic mansions, and private homes. Many large ballrooms have a required minimum guest count, so be sure to ask about that before booking.

Your intimate wedding reception could be a champagne brunch, a dessert buffet, a cocktail party, or anything in between.

Smaller guest lists do not have to mean lower budget or less "fabulosity". As a matter of fact, it is easier and more economical to have a fab-glam-luxe event if you have less guests. For example, if you plan a $10, 000 budget and invite 50 guests, then you'll spend $200 per person vs. $100 per person with a guest list of 100. This means better food. Finer favors. Lavish florals and decor.

Intimate weddings are becoming more popular amongst couples who are getting married at a later age.