May 05, 2009

Take Me Away Tuesday: South Africa

For the adventurous couple, why not spend your honeymoon on a South African safari? You'll see lions, elephants, the African buffalo, leopards, and rhinos. You can also watch birds and other wildlife at the wildlife preserves.

Wondering where to sleep? Visit CC Africa to view the accommodations.

The best time to enjoy a safari is between June and August when the grasslands are low. If you want to enjoy the beach in addition to the safari, then your best bet is to go in October or November. South Africans generally vacation in the summer. Tourist areas are usually crowded in December and January.

The African sun is no joke, so pack your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses.

If you are planning a destination wedding in South Africa, you must have your passport and birth certificate. You also have to sign an affidavit stating the date and location of your birth. If you've been married before, you must also show proof of the termination of the previous marriage. You need 2 witnesses and they must sign the marriage certificate. Same-sex marriages are allowed but officials have the individual right to refuse to perform a same-sex ceremony.