April 28, 2009

Day-After Brunch?

One of my favorite wedding writers, Nina Calloway from, wrote:

"The day after my wedding, I'd planned to not see anyone but my new husband, check out of the hotel, and drive up to the B&B where we were mini-mooning. But after we spent a while luxuriating at the hotel, I couldn't wait to recap the events of the night before, and so we spontaneously joined my fam for brunch. It was a great decision as it didn't really cut into mini-moon time but it allowed us to thank everyone again for all of their help. "

So I ask you... would you opt for brunch with your family and friends or would you choose to fly/ride off to your honeymoon with your new hubby/wifey? Please answer the poll to the right and we'll see which answer is most popular.