February 12, 2009

Tips from Sylvia Weinstock

In case you don't know who she is... Sylvia Weinstock is THE wedding cake guru. (She has even been called the Leonardo da Vinci of cakes.) In the Winter 2009 issue of InStyle Weddings, she shares these "5 Things You Should Know". (Note: This is not the actual article. You can find the article on pages 109 & 110 of the magazine)

"Find your style." Ask yourself a few basic questions about your wedding, such as the number of people you expect to attend, the style of the venue and your decor, the time of your event, your budget, etc.

Speaking of the budget...
"Be realistic about your budget." Overstating your budget during your consultation will make you look foolish (my words, not Sylvia's). You will either have to downgrade your cake or scramble to raise the money to pay for the more expensive cake. Just ask your baker for options within your actual budget.

"Make sure its tasty." The cake should taste as good as, if not better than, it looks. Ask if it will be made from scratch or box and when it will be baked.

"Ask for a sketch." A great cake designer will sketch ideas based on your collaborative ideas. Your wedding is not cookie cutter, so why should your cake be?

"Choose faux flowers." Gardeners spray flowers with insecticides as they are growing. Who wants a little bug spray with their cake? Sylvia says everything on your cake should be edible.

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