December 05, 2008

Herb Scott's Catering

I visited Herb Scott's Catering for a tasting with my clients for June 7, 2009. The bride is a self-proclaimed "foodie" so the appearance of her menu is just as important as the taste. Herb Scott personally served all of the courses for this tasting. Everything had a beautiful presentation and he described the contents of each plate as it was placed in front of us. I was impressed by the main course so I took a picture (so it will last longer). Just look at this potato, which was perfectly seasoned between each slice. The meats are salmon and chicken. Every bite was delicious. I was stuffed by the time I left. Good thing we didn't schedule a cake tasting to follow immediately after.

Herb Scott's Catering is located on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia.
215-842-1609 • FAX 215-842-1619