November 09, 2008

Election Tag

Diedre Gray @ Always A Positive Image tagged me with this Election Day post.
Everyone's election day experience was different and I am curious to know yours. Instructions are to answer the questions below and to tag at least 3 other people and indicate them in your tag. Let's keep it going.

1. Did you vote?
2. In which state are you registered?
3. What time did you go to the polls?
4. How long was your wait?
5. Did you incur any problems?
6. What was your reaction when you heard the news that Barack Obama won?
7. Who was the first person you shared your reaction with?
8. Who will you tag ?

Here are my answers.

1. Yes indeed

2. Pennsylvania

3. 6:45 a.m.

4. About 1/2 hr. My husband and I had to wait 15 min because the polls did not open until 7:00. We were #27 & 28 in line.

5. No problems at all.

6. I thought "This was the shortest decision I've ever seen." I never doubted it would happen, but I was relieved that there was no funny counting this time.

7. My husband, the biggest Obama supporter that I know personally. Our children were already asleep so I wrote "Obama Won" on my daughter's calendar so she would see it when she woke up. My son heard me walk upstairs so he was able to see Obama's speech.

8. I tag the following friends/colleagues: