August 17, 2008

The Law of Attraction

{Randi w/ Maisha - photo by Gustavo}

Every now and then, I have the pleasure of working for my friends to make their wedding day FABULOUS! I feel like I was there from the very start of Maisha and Gustavo's relationship. The news of their engagement even made it to my blog in December 2007.

Last night, just before this picture was taken, Maisha said, "This is a result of the law of attraction." I knew exactly what she meant. Before she met Gustavo, Maisha asked me how she could conjure up someone she hadn't met yet. See, Maisha is very much into astrology and all things metaphysical. I, on the other hand, was so not the believer. I told her to get out and socialize... do a little networking. The next thing I know, she tells me she met a tall, dark, and handsome stranger named Gustavo.

If all this hocus pocus actually works, then I guess this is proof positive.

Congratulations Maisha and Gustavo. Mucho Gusto!