April 18, 2008

Time It Right: Plan a Girls Day Off

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You're getting married later this year but you and your bridesmaids have not picked out your dresses yet. UH OH!

Your first thought is to have all of the girls meet at a nearby chain bridal shop this Saturday afternoon. SCREEEEEECH!!!

That is the wrong answer.

Why? Because this is the time of year when all the sweet little debutantes, cheerleaders, and even the nerdy girls are preparing for the prom.

Unless you want to share the bridal salon consultants with a bunch of teenage girls and their moms, you are better off planning a "Girls Day Off" with your bridesmaids. You all pick a day to take off from work and go dress shopping together while the prom queens are in class.

You'll get better service because the consultants are not exhausted yet. You'll probably get a better selection of dresses too, because the floor racks should be restocked from the previous night's rush. Best of all, you will have most (if not all) of the store to yourselves to laugh and have a FABULOUS time together.

Afterwards, go get manis & pedis together.