March 23, 2008

Celebrity-Owned Resorts

How cool would it be to enjoy your honeymoon or birthday at a celebrity-owned resort? Of course, there is no guarantee that you will ever run into the owner, but how many people actually run into the Hiltons in the hallway?

Clint Eastwood owns Mission Ranch in Carmel, California.

Bono owns the Clarence Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.

Goldeneye Island Outpost in Jamaica is owned by music mogul Chris Blackwell, who bought it from Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond).

Francis Ford Copolla owns the exotic Turtle Inn in Belize.

Mick Jagger owns the luxurious Stargroves Villa in the Grenadines. At $1500 per night, I doubt you'll have to worry about everyone at the office telling you about their trip to the same resort.

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