December 27, 2007

More Christmas Engagements

Congrats to Lorilee & Tim!
I haven't even met them yet, but I know they got engaged on Christmas day. Lorilee called me this morning to ask about Always Fabulous Events' wedding planning services. I could hear the joy and excitement in her voice.

This is a popular time of year to pop the question. I hope to get more calls this week from ecstatic brides-to-be.

Flashback to Christmas 2003:
Ronnie & Gina (best man and bridesmaid in my wedding) got engaged. They met at my house during the year-long process of planning my wedding. Gina was a little slow to catch on to Ronnie's flirtatious chivalry, but once she figured it out, they were inseparable. Their engagement has been longer than their courtship, but I am expecting a late 2008 wedding.